Steps to Purchasing a Home

  1. Call a Realtor, Summer, and a mortgage company to get preapproved.
  2. Start receiving property updates by email and view homes with your Realtor.
  3. Choose the right home and make an offer based on comparable sales.
  4. We negotiate the offer and get your offer accepted!
  5. Complete the final loan application and sign necessary disclosures.
  6. Hire a licensed home/termite inspector to perform inspections.
  7. Negotiate any needed repairs with seller.
  8. The lender will order your appraisal and title work from chosen title company.
  9. Get homeowner’s insurance quotes and choose the best one for you.
  10. Change all utilities to your name for the date of occupancy/closing.
  11. Do a final walk-through of the property within 5 days of closing.
  12. Closing day and moving day!
  13. Remember to change your address at the post office!
  14. Sign up for homestead exemption if applicable.
  15. Refer Summer to everyone you know looking to buy or sell!


Buyer's Roadmap


12 Month Plan to Home Buying